Creative Works

Creative Works is an annual conference focusing on graphic and illustrative design. The organizers required a stage set and podium wrap that would reinforce their identity. The conference is held in a different location every year, so the set had to be compact when stored, and easily configured differently each year, given each unique site.

A modular dimensional screen was designed for the stage set. The screen is composed of identical interlocking panels. It can be configured in different heights and lengths given the specific event site.

Each panel is a painted piece of MDF, two feet tall, four feet long, and one half inch thick. The panels have identical CNC routed notches in them to allow interlocking at the panel ends, and stacking at the panel midpoints. This arrangement creates an undulating effect that creates shadow, depth and movement.

The panels are light enough to be carried comfortably and are painted to match the conference logo’s color. When the panels are combined, the screen creates an undulating surface, with variation of color and shadow, and a scale apparent from a variety of distances. A two-person team erected the screen in three hours. At the end of the conference, volunteers disassembled the screen and loaded the panels into a truck in less than 20 minutes.

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