Medlin Addition

A modest, contemporary living room addition for a young family in a mid-century modern home. The main objectives of the addition were to create an open view, bring in natural light, and have a more spacious living room than before. 
Though initially marketed to the client as a tear-down, the client had an appreciation for mid-century-modern design and decided to bring out the potential in the home. The addition salvaged the home, while also creating an opportunity for the client to design additions/renovations that would best suit their contemporary lifestyle. The contemporary addition, purposefully different from the original house in both its form and materiality, addresses the southern exposure with a deep porch that further frames views of the site. The addition is designed as an internal connector as well, acting as a central node within the house.
The addition sets a precedent for how future alterations or additions might be integrated into the house as its owners' needs evolve, respecting the old while being firmly rooted in the present.  



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