Sidepocket House

This house seeks to take full advantage of an interior lot with limited views of both the Mississippi River and Pinch District.

Wrapping three sides of the site, a screen wall encloses a private garden along the southern edge of the property, offering inhabitants the luxury of personal greenspace.  Resting atop these walls, the main volume of the house orients itself to capitalize on westerly views of the river as well as those of the Pinch District.  A brick facade extends along this southern facade as a front to the harsh summer sun, yet is pierced by a “pocket” which admits light deep into the interior while offering views into the garden.  A rooftop deck and lawn occupy the southeastern corner of the site and provide an outdoor breakfast area off of the kitchen.  From this second floor rooftop, one obtains nice views of the pyramid over a morning cup of latte.

The upper level of the house is reserved for the most private of functions.  Two bedrooms occupy the eastern half of the floor, yet one could easily be converted into an office with views into the pocket.  The master bedroom overlooks the river with a full facade of glass and houses a raised window seat for the occassional book read.  Its accompanying bathroom features a glass facade admitting light from the pocket as well.

The western glass facade of the upper two levels offers sweeping views of the river.  The large windows which make such views possible need protection from southwestern sun, and as such, are equipped with a series of external, perforated metal screens.  The automated screens can be drawn to prevent heat gain and offer privacy after hours.  Left to owner’s discretion, the amount of permeability varies.  The facade can be totally exposed or totally protected, or perhaps somewhere in-between which creates a wonderfully random pattern on this western facade.

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