Visible Music College - Student Studios

Student Studios will appeal to both students and non-students alike, and are progressive in two ways: they may be converted from two students to one non-student, and they are almost 10 percent smaller than the national space norm. The space standard for student housing nationally is currently 350 square feet per student, including all square feet associated within a building; a Student Studio consist of only 288. But despite a smaller footprint, Student Studios will feel substantially more roomy than traditional dormitory rooms.

Each Student Studio will have high ceilings to create a feeling of spaciousness, a Juliette balcony with oversized operable window that engages the city, dual closets, a kitchen with full height cabinets and fold-out counter, a full bath with shower, and a storage space above the core of 60 square feet - the equivalent to the flatbed of a Honda Ridgeline pickup. How small is this unit? It is three-fourths the size of a two-car garage, and yet it will feel big. Modern design affirms that you don’t really need that much space if it is designed well.

Each unit is divided into ‘Life’ and ‘Care’ elements. The Life element supports living, studying, sleeping and eating. The Care element supports cleaning and storage. The perception of space within the Student Studios will be substantially larger than the construction square footage, and will provide opportunities for two students to enjoy both private and shared space.The units will be outfitted with amenities that address the needs of today’s urban college student: modern, airy, adaptable, and technologically connected.

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