Gupta Center

The Gupta Center functions as a flexible and elegant solution to a typical spec office building. The site is located along a busy corridor on the outskirts of suburbia. Due to severe setback requirements, the building had to be located at least 130 feet from the street. To create an urban and pedestrian connection, however, a linear “park” extends from the sidewalk all the way through the building to the rear parking lot. Folded steel canopies extend through the building blurring the boundary between interior and exterior and reinforcing this linear pedestrian connection to the street.

Though designed with medical tenants in mind, the owner wanted to keep the building adaptable for future uses as well. To accommodate this flexibility, the building is simple in shape—a brick box perforated with a series of shifting openings of alternating glass and cement panels. As tenants and interior needs change, the windows and panels can be interchanged to allow for more or less openings. 

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