James D. Eason Transplant Institute at Methodist University Hospital

The world’s leading institute in steroid-free liver transplantation prolongs the lives of hundreds of patients of all walks of life annually from across the globe. The Institute’s reputation attracted a substantial gift to realize a new, progressive environment creating a paradigm shift in this typology.

The design team included cross-functional user participants that rigorously collaborated in a research-based process that included best practices in the disciplines of architecture, interior design, healthcare operations, nursing, and software innovation to maximize state-of-the-art technology. This led to vividly rich content that benefits all users.

The architect led visioning workshops to best understand the diverse needs of patient, caregiver, healthcare provider, and support personnel. The result enhances the delivery of care before, during, and after a transplant. The Institute, as built, challenges an industry that is overly prescriptive and lacks vision. The team worked to create a more humanized and progressive patient care experience that maximizes the use of actual and perceived natural daylight to expedite healing while decreasing perceived wait times. Through the clever placement of glass layering, nearly 100% of the occupiable space has views to the outside along with the opportunity for supporting the healing process by the insertion of two gardens, which are both unusual in a healthcare environment.