MEK Residence

The existing property was a 1980s spec-built house that was in need of an update that would accommodate the functional and aesthetic demands of the family. We prioritized five discrete rooms in the house to focus on the entry, living room, kitchen, master bath, and the unfinished space above the attic, to be used as an informal lounge space. These areas of focus are treated as insertions – distinct from the original house in materiality, functionality, and form. Beyond responding to the family’s functional needs, the renovations are designed to serve as a backdrop for the client’s world-class art collection. Surfaces of dark walnut paneling act as a contrast to white “gallery” walls, framing views of each piece and offering as much area for artwork as possible, while still preventing any visual competition between pieces. The rich wood also visually connects the individual insertions as a cohesive counterpoint to the existing residence, therein acting as a material datum that runs through the house. Since the attic is so far removed from the main part of the house, the design was able to convey a more active, unrestrained character. Custom built-in lounge furniture responds to and echoes the angles of the attic walls. Dark wood strips wrap the space, lending it an intimacy while recalling the materiality of the insertions below.



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