Methodist Le Bonheur Healthcare - Transplant Institute

archimania provided complete architecture and interior design services for the 60,000 gsf Transplant Institute for Methodist Le Bonheur Healthcare. The project includes a clinic of the Transplant Institute, an Outdoor Garden/Atrium, a Public Experience associated with the Transplant Institute and  Patient Suites/ICUs for the Transplant Institute. The design concept was to unify the three levels into one Center to demonstrate a “Best-in-Class” Transplant facility. The design minimizes steps of the patient, the medical staff and the administrative support staff have to travel. It maximizes access to natural daylight as well as utilizing artificial light that simulates natural light. Additionally, an intuitive wayfinding system with supporting graphics and messaging was developed. Finally, the project emphasizes the world of tomorrow, today, through function, materiality, and form that is inherently sustainable.