Patriot Bank

Patriot Bank is a small community bank that emphasizes personal relationships and face to face interaction as an integral part of their banking services. When seeking a design for their new headquarters, Patriot wanted to evoke this feeling of warm familiarity in their building, while simultaneously expressing their ability to adapt to the evolving practices of the banking industry.

The headquarters is located on a prominent corner of the historically rural town of Arlington, Tennessee. This area is seeing a new pattern of development and Patriot wanted to take the opportunity to set the tone and direction for this development. Drawing from its rural context, the headquarters is a modern adaptation of traditionally agrarian forms. Two parallel gabled brick forms contain the program of offices and retail space. Glass hallways connect the forms and create exterior courtyards where both employees and community members can gather. A dedicated community space is housed in a glowing lantern-like box at the end of one of the forms and features prominently on the corner of the site, placing community engagement at the forefront of Patriot’s mission.