Visible Music College - Administration

Though originally intended to house administrative offices, members of Visible Music College agreed that the unique view of the Redbirds Stadium and downtown Memphis should be given to the students. The floor will house the student library and a large open space for both student and administrator meetings. There is also a small warming/catering kitchen located at the end to support any events held on the floor. As with many of the other floors, the fifth-floor will also have a series of mostly sound-proof personal practice rooms for students. As with the rest of the building, the existing “skeleton” is left untouched and the objective is to simply “insert” our design into the existing building.  This means that the concrete columns and walls are left clean and exposed, with portions of the ceiling left cleaned up and exposed to show off the original textures. Interestingly, this floor is the only floor where the ceilings are steel beams and not concrete.