Whitehaven Visitor Center

The design goal was to create a visitors' center that could be a catalyst for a neglected highway strip-neighborhood, catering to visitors while providing a multi-functional space for the community – all within a modest budget.

The building responds to the corner lot located along a heavily traveled intersection in a community overlooked by the City. The resulting design houses a visitors' center, community meeting room and a small, secured gift shop. The design goal of the project was two-tiered: due to the building's immediate adjacency to the highway, the primary design goal was for the structure to serve as a visible catalyst for the community, however it was also important that the building create an inviting community meeting space that in turn would help support the community. Although inexpensive, the materials used collectively create a warm space. The result is a highly visible structure that serves to welcome numerous people (visitors and native Memphians alike) to Memphis.  

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