Andrew Parks


Andrew Parks

University of Memphis / Bachelor of Science in Engineering Technology

University of Memphis / Bachelor of Fine Arts in Architecture

University of Tennessee / Master of Architecture

Andrew is the mastermind behind archimania’s architectural visualizations. He is an award-winning, multi-faceted designer with 14 years of experience working on commercial and residential projects at many scales. He specializes in utilizing digital rendering and modeling as a way to develop, test and bring design ideas to life. Andrew’s unique process of fluidly traversing many visualization tools is vital to archimania’s design vision and business development. 

Andrew doubles as an adjunct professor at the University Of Memphis Department Of Architecture, where his courses focus on the architectural design process and digital media. Andrew’s 10+ years of experience teaching design enriches the office through his leadership within the firm’s Emerging Professional Fellowship and stewardship of the firm’s visual communication. archimania's design teams often use Andrew as a critic, or sounding board to clarify design concepts and legibility. His digital prowess carries over into his passion for photography, which often features his wife and two daughters and the occasional building. #adventureswithhank