MTR one of Three Winners of the 2018 ArchDaily Refurbishment in Architecture Award

Memphis Teacher Residency has been awarded Third Place in ArchDaily’s inaugural Refurbishment in Architecture Awards! 

As the context for their new home, the organization decided on a large and recently renovated Sears distribution center that sat empty and decaying for 17 years. MTR was one of eight founding tenants in arts, education, and healthcare involved in realizing the newly transformed, one million square foot “urban village,” Crosstown Concourse. Crosstown Concourse contains all the essentials for a thriving community. MTR became one of the first tenants to move into the facility—a unique space distinctly suitable to serve its operation and mission. The visionary organization understood the value of investing in a project that has, as imagined, had a dramatic impact on transforming the Crosstown neighborhood, one of the most ethnically diverse and economically challenged in Memphis. Students reside in the apartments located within the same building, which also features a YMCA, hospital, high-school, grocery store, retail, restaurants, and is three miles from the urban core of Memphis.

The project was chosen by ArchDaily readers in a public vote narrowed down from a 450-strong longlist and is one of only three winners of the award.

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