Memphis City Schools - Farm to Table

The Urban Farms to Schools program at Grahamwood Elementary creates awareness among children for the importance of maintaining a healthy lifestyle, including an appreciation of healthy food and how it is produced. The program aims at bringing together students, parents, teachers, and interested citizens, by encouraging them to get their hands dirty. The garden straddles a circular walking path, thereby creating a direct connection with park users.  Three hoop houses establish a rhythm for the project and define “in-between” spaces for such items as raised planters, bucket planters, and row gardens. Gravel paths allow children to move along the northern and southern edge, providing access to each of the houses and their associated gardens. The western edge is anchored by an orchard of various fruit trees, while the eastern edge features a sculpture court and adjacent shade/performance structure that will accommodate small scale performances. The garden becomes something that the community can take pride in maintaining.