Sedgwick - Dublin, Ohio

The corporate claim solutions company wanted to break from its outdated office cubicle prototype and develop a new flexible and adaptable approach to its tenant infill strategy that would better reflect the company culture. As the first implementation of these new strategies, the design reuses the existing core and extended it to house private conference and meeting functions to give employees views and access to natural light. Unique collaboration pods break up the expanses of open office space while with the use of color form and materiality. The existing acoustical ceiling was retained to control noise over the active work areas, but is pulled away from the core and collaboration pods to showcase them as objects within a landscape of open office space. Materials like OSB, raw wood, and Homosote were selected for their natural and textural qualities rather than synthetic finishes more typical in a corporate setting. A color scheme was developed based on the company’s corporate color that complements the natural materials and highlights the different public collaboration areas in a unique way.



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